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Default Re: Looking for a good radar detector...

Originally Posted by AllD View Post
I use a Golden Eagle II which shoots XA radar at target vehicles. Good patrol strategy can be used to defeat any radar detector. Remember, radar detectors are not a license to steal or "Get Out of Jail Free" card. They will improve your odds of avoiding a speeding ticket, but they will not guarantee it or increase your safety. Speeding is responsible for loss of control of your vehicle and reckless driving.

During commutes I often observe vehicles with radar detectors suction cupped to their windshields and purposely shoot at them from my unmarked. It is funny how some people behave and others are completely careless. I am a private subcontractor, but if I was an officer I could easily write tickets all day long specifically targeting detector equipped speeders.
There are plenty of us who are excellent drivers, and refrain from speeding near traffic and/or neighborhood streets. It also helps to have a well equiped vehicle.

Why would you drive around shooting your radar at cars equipped with detectors? Sorry but that's pretty lame.
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