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Default Re: Looking for a good radar detector...

Originally Posted by Steelerstrength View Post
Mach, what kind of radar detector do you have now? Why?
None...Other than common sense. Haven't had a ticket since '89 (knock on wood) and I'm not exactly a stickler for going the speed limit. I keep it under check in town, but out on the freeway I try to get away with what I can. Just have to be a little smarter about it, keep your eye's open and pay attention. Stay away from the 'convoys' of speeders, best way to get caught around here is being in a group. A lot of the cops here don't use their radar guns out on the freeway if they're parked. They have points they time you between and that tells them how fast you were going. A lot harder to fight in court, especially when a guy can clock a tree doing 160 on a breezy day. If they're mobile, that's where paying attention comes in, most of the time you can see them far enough off that you can slow down in time. Bottom line just don't get to crazy or stupid and save the money for other stuff.

Last ticket I got was cause I was stupid. I found out drag racing is almost as bad as a dui, insurance wise. At least I won and the cop was impressed when he finally caught up.

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