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Default Re: Looking for a good radar detector...

Originally Posted by Steelerstrength View Post
Since '89?! That's what I call awareness! Great job!

I haven't had one for the last 12 years, but when I did get pulled over it was in my wifes car. I find seldom used, open roads for my ventures.

For me, the V1 is just another way to give me assurance that I'm doing everything possible to be safe, without having to be sorry for driving fast. (By that I mean not having to face unfortunate consequences of my own making.)

When you won, what did you beat?

My last run was with a Ferarri F430. He tried the old ricer "high speed blow by" when it was only he and I on the road. I dropped into 3rd when he was right along side and it was on! Once we hit 145 I had a car and a half on him, so he lifted. Good times!

Of course I do not condone street racing!!!
It was a 68-69 dodge super bee. We both got caught that night. But it was from the last stop light on the way out of town. He pulled up and started the vroom vroom thing and of course being a youngster I couldn't resist. I had him by about car and a half and just shifted into third when I noticed the pretty lights behind us. After we received our trophies the other guy told me he would have beat me if his fuel pump wasn't going bad. My Mach isn't a freeway car or a long track car I guess ya call it. 1/4 mile is mostly what it's built for.

I took it up to Firebird in Boise about few years ago when a guy could sign waivers and race legally on weekends and my best time was 12.6 @ 124. Hoping to get that down a little bit this year with a fresh rebuild.


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