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Default Re: How about we discuss our macro level views?

I believe in a lot of things that others have said in here and wont repeat them...But here are some other things that I hang my hat on.
-I believe that the Founding Fathers...having indured more persecution and absence of freedom than current generations could imagine, had a BETTER understanding of how to build a document that provides the foundation of liberty, then they are given credit for.

-I believe that the sheer FACT that we are one of the only nations in the history of the world, who have young men and women who are willing to die for the freedoms of OTHER countries, is sadly overlooked.

- I believe that we need to QUIT looking at Europe as a template for social change. If things there were so ancestors would have stayed.

-I believe that a person who has put on the soldiers camo's knows more about patriotism then a politician who equates it with wealth distribution.

-I believe that racism is taught...and that more has been done at my daughters junior high lunch table to heal bigotry, then has been done in the oval office. Simple application vs abstract thinking.

-I believe that there is a God...and that MOST people who deny His existence don't want to think of the possible repercussions of their life and their actions... IF there is a Higher Authority.

I believe that abortion is the murder of an innocent, and the death penalty is earned by the quilty.

I believe that a good portion of the "poor"...have "poor ways" and that true compassion means education not just handouts.

I believe that "work ethic" isnt just working hard...its a value system in which one realizes that there is personal reward in working hard. That character is built through a sense of self reliance and self sufficiency.
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