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Default Re: How about we discuss our macro level views?

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
I’ve said it in other threads, and I’ll start by saying it again - I’m not at all interested in politics. With few notable exceptions, politics and politicians in general disgust me. However, as long as there are politicians, there will be politics, and as long as there are politics, citizens need to pay attention and act so that politicians don’t drive the ship of state into the rocks. What we are experiencing today is becoming the extreme case.

Having been born in the first 100 days of the first Eisenhower administration, I grew up in the beginnings of the greatest prosperity in the history of mankind. It was at the end of one of the bloodiest periods of history. It was also the visible beginning of the internal struggle for the soul of this country, that struggle having begun with Wilson, and then grew substantially with FDR.

We grew up in the evil shadow of totalitarianism in the various manifestations of 20th Century socialism – fascism, nazism, and outright communism, and lived with the legacy of socialist tyrants Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, FDR, Mussolini. The seminal events that shaped my early thinking were Khrushchev boasting that the sovs would bury us from within, and the anti-war movement’s reaction to the Viet Nam war, which validated some of Nik’s bravado. We watched as the Frankfurt School and their spawns Marcuse, Horkheimer, Fromm, Benjamin, Adorno, Lowenthal, et al systematically destroyed American education through the indoctrination of cultural marxism. Just preceding and during my lifetime, socialism has repeatedly left wakes of murdered millions.

With that as a backdrop, here are some of my positions…
  • With the exception of the 16th amendment, the Constitution of the United States is a blessing of vision that serves us every bit as well today as it did in the days of its framers. Those that proposed the 16th, and those that ratified it should have been shot.
  • This is a representative republic, not a democracy, by design. Most folks you hear talking about “democracy’ are socialists.
  • The federal gubmint exists to uphold the constitution, protect the borders and citizens, maintain a viable currency, and to provide the representatives from the states with meeting accommodations. Period. All else is the province of the states.
  • Gubmint that governs best governs least.
  • Gubmints exist to serve the interests of their constituents, not the opposite.
  • A statesman will place his country’s best interest ahead of his own, regardless of the consequences to himself. A politician will place his own best interest ahead of his country’s regardless of the consequences to his country.
  • Americans are free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.
  • We are free to do not as we want but what we ought.
  • The money I earn is my money to use as I ought, not as a gubmint decrees.
  • If there is such a thing as an “appropriate” income tax, the same percentage would be levied to every citizen.
  • The market will tell you the value of anything.
  • Socialism in any form is the bane of humankind.
  • “Liberals” are anything but liberal.
  • “Fair” is a place where pigs go to compete for ribbons.
  • Equality of “outcome” is not assured.
Yes, Sir!
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