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Default Re: Hey Steeler people how did you guys beat ....

SANDBAGGED???? To qoute Herm Edwards, "You play to win the game." No way its not what you do, its how you do it. Come on, if you play against us and don't know that we want to A) run the ball, B) stop the run, C) control the clock then you must not have watched any football over the past 35 years. So then it comes down to execution Sunday. If we execute the run better than NE then we win. If they execute better then they win. Forget schemes and calling your own plays. NE doesn't like us because they can't game plan us. You want to rush 3 and drop 8 against us? All day baby bring it on. No you gotta get your guys fired up to know that all day you are going to be blocked by the most physical line and wide receivers in the league. No pushing players out of bounds because the will be looking to hit you, stay in bounds, and make the first down. On offense dont forget you will be hit by the roughest CB's playing. No Dieon on this team. We all tackle. That makes me wonder if our playbook is run left, run middle, run right. How scaled back is Ben's playbook?
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