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Default Re: I Hate this time of year

Originally Posted by HburgXL06
I love diners too. Back at home in Harrisburg, PA we spend a lot of bored time hanging around in diners. I ate at the 1st State Diner a few years back and I remember the food was aiight. Why would I play you on moving from MA to SC? I like the south a lot. I was in Charleston, SC about two years back and it was SO nice. I'd be more interested why you are moving to KS? Or why you've moving twice in the past 2/3 years. But it ain't my business to ask so I apologize. But yea Delaware is a state that most people just drive through aka only see on I-95. I think it's funny on how they make you pay money to leave the state of Delaware! If I was at Hooters I do not think I would be able to pay attention to most any football game.....unless it was the Steelers.

PS: Forgot to mention, you would love my roommate. He's a patriots fan. I have to wake up every morning in the dorm to see his patriots super bowl XXXIX 3-time champions flag that is 3x2 ft. Ironically he's from Jersey but I guess his dad is from Boston area. He also is a diehard Red Sox fan. No matter though, I have my Terrible Towel hanging up and a Steelers poster on my closet door and I plan to get a Pittsburgh Steelers 5-TIME SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS FLAG that measures 3x5 ft. to cover what is now a Jamaican flag that hangs over my bed. Peace


i guess the problem wasnt SC as a whole, just Florence. Not much opportunity here.
the moves are all about jobs. My wifes. she has the brains in the family. She hasnt liked it here since Day 1. Olathe,KS is a beautiful suburban town, very family orientated, just outside of KC, so we're back in civilization. Plus the public schools in Johnson County, KS are like in the top 10 in the country (yes, i know the irony that i said "are like in.." while praising the schools)

but back to the point of entire thread, the 1st State Diner, i loved that place.
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