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Default Re: I Hate this time of year

Originally Posted by 3 to be 4
i guess the problem wasnt SC as a whole, just Florence. Not much opportunity here.
the moves are all about jobs. My wifes. she has the brains in the family. She hasnt liked it here since Day 1. Olathe,KS is a beautiful suburban town, very family orientated, just outside of KC, so we're back in civilization. Plus the public schools in Johnson County, KS are like in the top 10 in the country (yes, i know the irony that i said "are like in.." while praising the schools)

but back to the point of entire thread, the 1st State Diner, i loved that place.
Ok, I've never been to Florence, SC so I can't bust you for whether it was bad or good. Coming from a bad public school it's good to hear you found a good system. But yea the diner is still there glad you liked it. Me and my roommate went to Waffle House in Elkton, MD last night (about 5 mins away) at 4am and I love it there. The food is great and you can mix and match whatever you want. After that we drove east until we got to the delaware river to watch the sun rise. Got back and was asleep finally at 8am. It was a great night but I was looking at all the hotels and diners/restaurants on the roads (there's a lot of them around a college town) and I couldn't find any other place that matched your description. Come back sometime.....Delware will still be the same, it never changes haha (sorry all of us at this school that are not from Delaware like to bust on the state because it seems so .......well nothing much really lol). Peace.

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