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Default Re: Sharing My Good News

Congrats! My mom went to PSU back in the day and she said she had a lot of fun. Be careful though, from what she told me and from my own first semester experience that it can be hard with the party scene and how easy it is to get lost in the shuffle of such a big school. Keep focused and always study. I almost didn't have the chance to come back a second semester.

On a lighter note my dad is a University of Pittsburgh graduate and alumnus and my mom is a PSU alumni. So yea that's an interesting combo. I'll tell you all everything though, my mom and all other PSU fans I know are so fair-weathered. When the teams are up they are the first to cheer, but when they are down they ignore the games and don't want to hear anything bad about their team. My dad on the other hand will watch and cheer for the teams no matter what, both U of Pitt and for the Pittsburgh pro teams. He is an unfaultering fan and I take my loyalty from his side. When I last visited the U of Pitt campus I loved it because it has a college aire and yet is still in the city. PSU is a really nice campus too though although me preference is for a city atmosphere I've heard it's a great school. Have fun.

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