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Default Re: Something Missing from Game 1,667

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
They mentioned that before the ceremony started, that most of them had duties with other teams and couldn't be there, except Jagr, of course.

You're right - Bowman and Lemieux don't get along, and that goes back to when he took over as head coach after Badger Bob passed away. Lemieux hated him as coach, much like many Penguins hated Therrien, and that was the main reason why Bowman left for Detroit. As far as I know, it hasn't been resolved after nearly 17 years.
You'll have to give me a pass on those. I could only read the article and watch the highlights. (location location location). It wasn't broadcast here.

That brings up a point though....What the hell am I going to do for the playoffs. I think I have to change my entire sleeping schedule. Maybe I should change my location too ''Late Night/Early Morning Pens radio time''

I have a feeling I'm going to hate this country for two months.
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