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Default Re: Detroit Pistons Thread

I think we are gonna get to see a game 7......

If the Pistons lose in Miami tonight, I don't see them losing game six in Detroit.

I hope they win tonight!!!

Oh, and all the rumors about Larry Brown going to Cleveland are killin me. I dont want to see him go.....he is the reason the are champions. He is the reason they play the "right way", I love the way he talks :)

I think this is a team full of above-average players, who become great players in LB's system. I think Rasheed and Rip are very talented players, but there game has improved alot in Larry Browns offense. Billups was a drifter......I think he has played for 6 different teams. Now he is an NBA Finals MVP, and one of the best PG's in the league!!! I think he uses Prince perfectly......he always puts him in the right spot, and he has found him a nitch in the NBA.. When they drafted him I thought because of his size and a longer 3 point line, he may not last in this league. Ben Wallace has no game, but he is a beast on the boards, and a monster on the defensive end......and LB uses the bench very well (mostly by not playing Darko)

It has been a long time since a team has dominated and won a title without one of the NBA's real superstars, think about it (Bird, Magic, Isaiah, Jordan, Hakeem, Duncan, Shaq)......the media likes some of the Pistons now, but before last year most people didn't think much of them, and by no means could any of them be considered one of the NBA'a posterboys like the others.

If ever a coach can be credited for winning a championship, I think it is LB......
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