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Default Re: Memorable Moments at Civic/Mellon Arena

Originally Posted by wirels3 View Post
So what is to come of Mellon Arena? I never read or asked? If and when will it be torn down?
Nobody knows. The Pens want to demolish it and turn the land into a mix of businesses and housing, but there's a strong push to save it and turn it into an urban mall or park with an amphitheater. We'll know this fall what it's final fate will be. I'm really going to miss it no matter what happens to it. Lots of memories for me in that building, from my first ever event there, a Pittsburgh Spirit MISL game, to all of the WWF/WWE wrestling events, being turned away when I tried to buy Pens' playoff tickets in 1993, to my first ever Pens game in 1996 that ended with a GWG in OT by Mario, Mario's comeback the year after I became a STH, Alex Kovalev scoring 4 goals in a game, suffering through the lean years from 2002-06, seeing both Sid's and Geno's first NHL goals...and the list goes on and on. Hopefully there will be more memories during the playoffs and really send the building out in style!
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