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Default Re: Stanley Cup Playoffs. Round One. Bring on the Sens!

Originally Posted by supa_fly_steeler View Post
Oh ahaha Cooke LMAO.

I remember the cheapshot artist.

Didn't he want a fight with Kane, then Kane knocked him out.

I will sacrifice 100 bulls to Kane for that.

I don't think it's fine. Fleury has been so inconsistent this season. I wonder sometimes if he was actually worth the 1st round pick. It's not fine when your team can't function on the powerplay and give up tacky goals either as i said Bent Johnson sucked all season or the Penguins really were bad.

Yeah, two SCF's two years in a row (with one being a win). Fleury sucks. Definitely not worth the 1st round pick.

Listen, Pens probably aren't going to win the cup again...only bandwagoners think they're going to win the cup and have amazing seasons every single year, but they are set to make the playoffs and be cup contenders for a long time. There's maybe a handful of teams in the league that can say the same.

BTW, the Kings aren't one of them (never were), so I predict you'll be hopping on some other "hot" teams bandwagon next year. Nucks in 5, Pens in 5 or 6.
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