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Default Re: Stanley Cup Playoffs. Round One. Bring on the Sens!

Originally Posted by steelpride12 View Post
Ya Cooke with 15 goals and 30 points and a key players for the team and third line. He brings an emotion to the team many wish they had believe me he is important to this team!

Oh Fluery the goalie who took the team to the finals in consecutive years and won the the cup the second time and your going to bash him because he is having an off season, but still managed the 4th seed and 37 wins 8th best in the league. Sorry, but I won't complain.
Seriously outside of the Penguins nobody likes Cooke the cheapshot artist, he got served good and he deserved it.

LOl serves him the lesson somewhere Savard is grinning, and i am still laughing

Who cares if Fleury won it last year, INCONSISTENCY is inconsistency.

I don't get whats up with you anything negative about the penguins and you start crying.

The Difference Between the Kings and the Penguins



I still want you to beat the Crapitals.
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