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Default Re: Stanley Cup Playoffs. Round One. Bring on the Sens!

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
Yeah, two SCF's two years in a row (with one being a win). Fleury sucks. Definitely not worth the 1st round pick.

Listen, Pens probably aren't going to win the cup again...only bandwagoners think they're going to win the cup and have amazing seasons every single year, but they are set to make the playoffs and be cup contenders for a long time. There's maybe a handful of teams in the league that can say the same.

BTW, the Kings aren't one of them (never were), so I predict you'll be hopping on some other "hot" teams bandwagon next year. Nucks in 5, Pens in 5 or 6.
Firstly I never said Fluery sucks.

Top 5 goalies in league on their good days

1. tim thomas
2. lundqvist
3. fleury
4. luongo
5. brodeur

Secondly dont call me a bandwagoner when i stay to watch the kings start the game at 4am and then work at 8am, you know nothing about my passion for supporting teams.

I wonder how many of you penguin fans stay up if you would to 4am to watch your team.

Oh btw we recently beat the Canucks 8-3.

And at least when we are winning by a large margain we keep it.
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