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Default Re: Stanley Cup Playoffs. Round One. Bring on the Sens!

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
Fleury has NEVER been consistent in the regular season, so that doesn't worry me at all. He's more than proven he can step up to the challenge in big games.

I look for Malkin and Guerin to have the biggest impact against the Sens...they are the top point getters in the 4 games against this year. Crosby traditionally has not had big games against the Sens, but he's been playing on another level lately and I don't expect that to diminish any.

Sens also have a dismal 18-21-2 away record this year, so that plays into the Pens hands very well. My only real concern in the playoffs is defense (specifically Gogo and Letang). If they can step up their game, even just a little bit, I don't think the Sens have a chance.

And yes, I would stay up till 4am to watch Pens games. I don't sleep until then most nights anyway. I only questioned your fanhood of the Kings because it's so...random. Nobody anywhere really talked about the Kings (at least since Gretzky left) until this year. Not even people from LA.
I only think the Pens won't be good agains the Sens because i think their the darkhorse, and well the Pens have had to worried the past few weeks. Even if you beat the Sens u got the Devils and then the Caps which is hell.

Greztky's best assist was to Yezerman lol, Simmonds is the stuff right now, love his style of play.

An agitator imo is just a wuss. Simmonds is what 180lbs and he fights 220-230lbs. It just shows how much of a dude he is like below.

He goes right after a defensemen and kinda wins


Yes there are some bandwagoners, I dont register at the Kings because of that, so i decide to give my opinions on the penguins thread.

Im glad you would stay up to 4am to watch, now it will be 6am for me when i have to go to turkey for a few months for business and then hong kong idk what time.
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