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Default Re: Prayers for XT

Thank you, Marianne, for starting this thread for me, and thanks to all for the prayers and thoughts. This has truly been the worst day of my life. Even though I knew this day would come given my Mom's poor health, it still took me completely by surprise. I had just spoken with her on Saturday night and she was fine - we had a nice conversation and she was laughing and joking and being her usual self. Last evening, a family friend went to her apartment to give her her medications, and he said he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. And this morning, I find her dead...I just can't believe it. Mom was always a fighter - even though she was sick every day, she still carried on, determined to be independent so that she wouldn't be a burden on anyone and so that I would be able to have a life of my own. She had been suffering from diabetes and hypertension-related illnesses for over 20 years, was a double amputee and had spent the last 9 years on dialysis, which is far longer than the average person. Only a third of all dialysis patients live 5 years or longer, and it's even worse for people in her condition - about 1 in 10 people with diabetes and/or hypertension live that long. As you can imagine, I am devastated - she wasn't just my mother, she was my buddy, and as big a Steelers fan as you could imagine. I don't know how I will be able to get though this, but I will find a way. I have to.

Thanks again all for your thoughts and prayers, and please, keep them coming.
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