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Default Re: ESPN's Mattew Berry's Top 10

This will be my 3rd full season of Fantasy Football, and I dont know about anyone else but I love to keep up with what is going on even at this time of the year. I hope that we can get a league started here on Steelersfever and maybe now is the time to get people to start signing up. Now we cant actually get a league started as of yet, but come most likely in Late July or Early August they will be getting stated. Now that we know that our 2010 season will be getting started around the Sept. 9th Maybe we can get a Date set for our draft on ESPN.
If anyone is interested please let me know. And maybe we can figure out a Date and a Good Time for Everyone. There will only be 10 to 12 Teams so If Your Interested Please Let Me Know.
I Just Want Steelers Football . .
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