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alright..enuff of this crap here !! We are Steelers fans, we are Steelers fans till the end of time..we arent a die hard fan base..we are NEVER SAY DIE fan base. We bleed black and gold every day of the year. We've been thru the good times and the bad times..we've won division titles, playoff games, and we won an AFC championship game. That aint all that bad ya know.

In years past, the Steelers teams have gotten full of themselves and looked past teamsin the regular season and the post season, look no further than the AFC champ game in 2001 and also against the chargers in 1995. There is no denying that.

HOWEVER..this team has defied the odds all year, we've got a rookie QB who's been the best draft pick, PERIOD, this season. We've our running game back and our physical style. We've beaten everybody we've played, and avenged our loss to the ratbirds. We've earned regular season respect and we got that.

But that means ZERO right now..we're 1-0 in the playoffs, as are the Pats. We're both in for the game of our lives and may the best team win. But don't go counting your next super bowl ring just yet pats fan !!! We can play every bit as phsyical and tuff as you can. I dont care if we dont get respect now, but after this weekend, We'll be able to say, I TOLD YOU SO !!!!! Respect is earned, and its starts on Sunday nite at 6:30pm!!!
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