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Default Man Sues Coffee Shop for Ice Mocha Mishap

After spilling an iced coffee beverage onto his lap while driving from a local coffee
shop drive-through a Michigan man is now suing the shop for $800,000 in damages and
mental anguish. The man claimed it was a "traumatic experience" that has negatively
altered his life in many ways. He claims that he was unaware of the frigid temperature
of his Ice Mocha or he would have taken better precautions with handling the beverage.
The coffee shop owner said during our interview, "Anyone who doesn't know the temperature
of a drink that has the word 'ice' in its name has much more important things to worry
about than a moment of discomfort due to his own negligence. He sustained no physical
harm, there were no damages to his vehicle or possessions except a brown stain on his
pants, which I am sure is something he is used to."
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