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Default Re: Why the Penguins will win: Dynasties rule

I think the Pens have a very legit chance to win the Stanley Cup again this season. This team win's when the big dogs score and Sid finished with 51 so he is hotter than ever, and Malkin always had the ability to put it in the back of the net. Staal could easily be a top center on many teams in the NHL and his size gives him the advantage over small D.

Our weak point is surely the defense with Letang and GoGo having sub par seasons, but when you have veterans like Eaton, Gonch and Mckee they keep them in line while Gonch is a PP machine and always a threat to score.

Fluery will be fine for playoff time. He was on the Olympic roster for a reason, and back to back Stanley Cup Finals appearance is no random act.

The Pens did what any struggling team during the 90's would have done and stock piled the best players in the draft and when they were ready brought them up and it turned out for the best. The Pens will be contenders for seasons to come!
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