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Default Re: I find it hard not to sing this toe tappin' song

I'm sidin wit Koopa on this one, for Suit to say rap and hip-hop ain't art doesn't give respect to the many who have made good and deep messages through the genre ain't right. I know there are many rappers (yin yang twins for example) that aren't true artists with what they say and act. However, there are different genres within the "rap" genre so there is place for even them sometimes (club music). Listen to some like Common, Tupac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and the messages and they speak a lot of truth. Three 6 mafia is just one group of many that is finally getting some mainstream recognition for the work they do. I ain't tryin to start nothin, just statin my argument as a man who appreciates rap. I respect Suit for the fact that I've read his arguments on other issues and he knows what he is talkin bout, but I just wanted to argue my case for what I listen to and relate to. Peace.

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