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Default Re: I find it hard not to sing this toe tappin' song

Originally Posted by Koopa
not to be an ass but it's kinda all coming together, you hate vince young, you love nascar, and now you hatin on rap. the patterns are there i just hope i'm wrong
The patterns? Oh boy...

I also hate Country music, so you can scrap the stupid redneck reference. Why do I hate rap AND country? Because I'm a white kid who grew up in the suburbs. I don't know anything about the ghetto or having "a good day because I didn't need to use my AK", nor can I relate to driving a pick-up truck, living in a trailer park, or farming. Nobody in my family ever went to jail.

When I wanted to rebel, I listened to punk and hardcore music, but at least the guys played instruments, wrote songs and sang. I've also been in a few bands, and played the drums and sang, which were the two easiest of the jobs in the band, but still takes more talent than most rappers have.

I also don't hate Vince fact, I think he's a superior athlete. I just hate him as an NFL QB...Hell, even that's not true. He can play QB in the NFL for any team, as long as it's not the Steelers. No more Kordell clones, thank you.
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