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Default Re: WHY I WANT TEBOW!!!!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post should reach for a FB/Hback in probably the second round on a team that doesn't really utilize a FB just because he's a really super swell guy?

I think we'd be better off finding a FA and paying him league minimum if we seek these kind of intangibles rather than vastly overpaying for a QB who can't really pay QB and wasting a top draft choice in the process.
First of all I never said take him in the first round, I never said reach for him to be a FB/H-Back. But you keep reaching for those made up comments.

I believe he has what it takes to be an NFL QB, and one that can LEAD a team, any team. And not because he's a 'Super Swell Guy' as you put it.

I believe Tim Tebow has the athleticism and ability to play QB in the NFL and I wouldn't mind seeing him as a Steeler QB down the road, but that's just my feelings on the kid.

I'm not sorry that you don't like my opinions or Tim Tebow.

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