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Default How does it feel to play in the NFL...

I was looking through ESPN Magazine (June '05) today at work and found an interesting article with some comparisons. Here's what it says...
Bodily Harm
Nebraska physics professor Timothy Gay, (author of Football Physics )

HEAD: When 2 players collide helmet-to-helmet, the force can be equal to getting concked on the head with a 16 lbs bowling ball, one that's been dropped 12 feet above you.

NECK: Making a guy miss is good-unless he grabs your face mask on the way by. The neck torque is what you'd feel if you stuck your head in an industrial-grade washing mackine...and flipped the switch.

HANDS: There's a reason they say a strong-armed QB throws bullets. Catching 10 Brett Favre passes results in the same impact on your hands as 40 bullets fired from a .44-magnum, without, you know, the bloody mess.

KNEES: When accelerating off the line of scrimmage, a 300-pounder's knees absorb about 400 lbs. of force. This is what your joints feel if you jump in the air and land flat-footed. Now do that more than 100 times in three hours.

ANKLES: When a player like Dante Hall makes a hard cut, about 880 lbs. of force shoot through his planted ankle and foot. If applied to a one-ton sports car, this force would make it go from 0 to 60 in 6.3 seconds.
All I have to say about that is ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, and ouch!!! I don't think I could handle the!!!
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