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Default Re: I find it hard not to sing this toe tappin' song

Originally Posted by Suitanim
When I wanted to rebel, I listened to punk and hardcore music, but at least the guys played instruments, wrote songs and sang. I've also been in a few bands, and played the drums and sang, which were the two easiest of the jobs in the band, but still takes more talent than most rappers have.

as a white kid who grew up in the middle of a cow town that had no suburbs i must say i relate to the punk/ thrash/ hip hop/ rap, more than country western. since my favorites include misfits/danzig and wu tang clan/method man/ rza i will say that the funny thing about "art" is that its subjective and its beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. i also include jethro tull as one of my all time favorites.

plenty of people said that van gogh and picasso werent true artists. hundereds of art museums would beg to differ.

while there is bubble gum rap you would be hard pressed to find a better or more talented lyrical writer or poet than nas. as for having an ear for producing music the likes of rza or dj premier are hard to match. listen to how the music in kill bill fits the mood of the movie. that takes true artistic talent.

some would say that frank frazetta or boris valejo arent true artists cause they do comic books and fantasy themes yet their studies and accuracy of the human form rival that of michaelangelo or leonardo. unlike alot of well known masters they are well known long before they died.

there is crap in every form of art but if you filter through and find those who are trully dedicated and skilled you will find true talent. whether or not you appreciate the specific form of art doesnt mean talent is lacking.
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