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Default Re: Im just sayin.......

Nobody wants to hear this side, but it's very real. Most pro athletes have been coddled since they were in junior high school, and they have their ego's fed to the point of demagoguery. Having every door opened to you from the time you were 12 because you excel at sports is one thing, but think about how women react to athletes. It would be hard to be faithful with women throwing themselves at your feet 24/7.

I'm segueing here, but remember the story that made so much fuss about Andrei Kirilenko's wife "letting him" have sex once a year with another woman? The part of the story that nobody heard about was that she knows the game. She said: "If something is not allowed, you want to get it. If it is allowed to you, you will not need it"

Clever and brilliant woman.
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