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Default Re: The Patriots Offense

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
I thought it moved early too, but I would have called you into the Blast Furnace anyways. Maybe now that he is a MOD he has access to Mike's crystal ball?

ok first off, hardwork, moving a thread into the blast furnace so we can really speak our mind and get it on, is not the wrong thing to do, and it does not make the forum irrelevant, so get ur head out of your ass, and start talking football in the blast furnace like you always seem think you are so good at.

it was moved here so we could debate in the fierce fiery way that the blast furnace was made for and not worry about it carrying over outside the forums

yes the nfl forum on SF is to talk about other teams, players, and issues around the league, etc... however because you're a member here, and you never back down for a debate and becuz this is a steelers forum, and u know we're gonna give you shit, its just a precautionary measure is all.. relax ;)

chef, u werent out of line, dont worry ur cool :)

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