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Default Re: At least Sir Sidney's pure.

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Sidney Crosby is one of the most recognizable names in sports. It would be a little more than a blip on the radar if he were involved in a similar scandal, though of course not to the level of Ben.
yes he is. so is jimmie johnson. but even if johnson did to his supermodel wife, what tiger woods did to his, the media coverage would pale im comparrisson.

im not knocking the individual atheletes or their respective sports.

just adding some perspective to the national media coverage in those regards.

hell, i was impressed the national media even blinked an eye when dale earhardt died in competition.

i wish i coulde change the perception of regional sports such as hockey and NASCAR, but i cant.

football is king, and if anyone still clings to the belief that baseball is the "national past time" they are kidding themselves.

while soccer may be global, it isnt shit here.

david becham supposedly raping a girl woulnt be more than a blip on our national media radar either. (it would be like "big ben" in england, though).

it is what it is.
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