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Default Re: At least Sir Sidney's pure.

Originally Posted by Silverback92 View Post
Okay. So, I love the Steelers and have for the past 20 years through thick and thin. I will die a Steelers fan. The Steelers are the best organization in the NFL. I wish I was a Rooney.

But when it comes to hockey: Sidney Crosby is an extraordinary player. Amazing skill. Super talented...however, he's a diving bitch and my respect for him goes out the door on that note. His skill is great, but as a whole I just disdain his prissiness.

I am sorry Pittsburgh, please forgive me.
Denied, only because I'm getting tired of hearing this shit day after day after day from people who can't get over things he did when he was 18 years old, mainly from bitter Flyers fans because he owns their team every single game. Crosby is not even close to the player he was back then, and if you think he is, you haven't been paying enough attention. Ovechkin goes out and injures people, and yet, everyone loves him.

Give me a break.
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