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Default My Steeler Hopefuls

Here are guys by position who I would love to have if I was drafting for the Steelers:



Anthony Dixon, Mississippi St.---I think he will be around in the 5th or 6th round and has good size and speed (6'0" 239, 4.61) I saw him a few times on TV this year and was pretty impressed with him. He would give them a solid 1-2 punch with Mendenhall.

Anthony Harding, Fresno St.--with two 7th round picks, they can pick up another RB to provide depth and special teams help.

Golden Tate, Notre Dame--I think he will end up being a Hines Ward clone and fit the Steelers mentality perfect. Plus he is a great kick returner. I hate Notre Dame but I really like him. Could be a 2nd round pick.

Riley Cooper, Florida--a 7th round selection that provides depth and special teams help. Coud become a 3rd or 4th WR in a year or two.


Bruce Campbell, Maryland--He seemed to be the most athletic of the OL at the combine and might still be around when the Steelers pick in Round 1.

Mike Iupati, Idaho--Everyone seems to be pumped for him so I guess I will be pumped too. From what you read about him he can step in and start in year one. He seems to be the most sure fire out of Campbell, Pouncey, and himself. Maybe he will be the next Alan Faneca.

Maurkice Pouncey, Florida--Another popular Mock Draft pick for the Stillers. I am not sure he won't slip into the 2nd round, or at the very least if this is who the Steelers really want they can trade down in the 1st round and still get him. I don't think you draft him at #18 though.

Kevin Basped, Nevada--The Steelers need some depth on the DL and this guy should be around in the 5th or 6th round. He is a special teams guy also that could help in that area.

Jared Odrick, Penn State--Should be around in the 2nd round when the Steelers pick and could be a possible replacement down the road for Smith or Keisel at DE. Or maybe he could be a Nose?

Rolando McClain, Alabama--a 1st round option if Iupati, Campbell, and Pouncey are all gone by pick #18. With Farrior on the way to retirement, he can be the heir apparent. He was a freak for Alabama last year and one of my favorite college players.

Navorro Bowman, Penn State--helps them get younger and can be a future starter.

Phillip Dillard, Nebraska--would be a good solid backup as an ILB and special teams guy. He can be their 6th round pick.

Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri--I previously thought he would go high but from what I read now maybe will be available in the 2nd round. I think he is too much like Timmons and the Steelers will stay away from him.

Brandon Lang, Troy--he would fit in as a backup OLB and is a good pass rusher with good size (6'3" 260, 4.80). 2nd or 3rd rounder

Jerome Murphy, South Florida--good size (6'0" 191, 4.49) that will be there in the 2nd round and maybe he will slide to the 3rd.

Myron Lewis, Vanderbilt--another corner with good size and speed (6'1" 203, 4.51). 2nd or 3rd rounder

Jovani Chappel, Pittsburgh--local boy that could help on Special Teams and provide depth at corner, will be around in the 7th round.

Eric Berry, Tennessee--he is my pick this year to end up being a future Hall of Famer. He won't be around at #18, but if the Steelers wanted him real bad they could trade up in the top 6 to get him.

Nate Allen, South Florida--I am not a big Earl Thomas guy, so I chose Allen instead to put here. He is bigger and just as fast and according to my Sporting News Draft Preview, he is smart and intelligent. He can be in charge of keeping Big Ben out of bars. 2nd rounder but will have to trade up to get him I think.

Kam Chancellor, Virginia Tech--6'3" 232, 4.59. Wow. He is like having an extra linebacker who can cover. Also a 2nd rounder.

Myron Rolle, Florida St.--everyone knows how smart he is and he is also very physical. He could be a solid backup safety for the next few years. 6th rounder.



Alright, so here is a round by round look on who I would be happy with in each round..

1st Round
OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland
OG Mike Iupati, Idaho
C Maurkice Pouncey, Florida
ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama
CB Eric Berry, Tennessee

2nd Round
WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame
DT Jared Odrick, Penn State
OLB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
CB Nate Allen, South Florida
S Kam Chancellor, Va. Tech

3rd Round
OLB Brandon Lang, South Florida
CB Jerome Murphy, South Florida
CB Myron Lewis, Vanderbilt

4th Round
ILB Navarro Bowman, Penn State

5th Round
TB Anthony Dixon, Mississippi State
ILB Phillip Dillard, Nebraska

6th Round
DE Kevin Basped, Nevada
S Myron Rolle, Florida St.

7th Round
WR Riley Cooper, Florida
RB Anthony Harding, Fresno St.
CB Jovani Chappel, Pittsburgh

With four 5th rounders, I see them trading away two of those picks for higher picks this year or in later years
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