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Default Re: At least Sir Sidney's pure.

Originally Posted by Silverback92 View Post
Okay. So, I love the Steelers and have for the past 20 years through thick and thin. I will die a Steelers fan. The Steelers are the best organization in the NFL. I wish I was a Rooney.

But when it comes to hockey: Sidney Crosby is an extraordinary player. Amazing skill. Super talented...however, he's a diving bitch and my respect for him goes out the door on that note. His skill is great, but as a whole I just disdain his prissiness.

I am sorry Pittsburgh, please forgive me.
One of the greatest players in the game today, puts it all out on the line for his teammates every game, spends the majority of his time off the ice giving back to the community...both in Pittsburgh and Cole Harbour, and yet all most people can talk about is how he used to dive when he was an 18 year old rookie and how he complains to the refs (which every captain of every team does). Kind of sad and pathetic if you ask me.

Pittsburgh is lucky to have such a person on their team and in their city.
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