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Default Re: The NHL

I think it is sad that they are not even trying to keep people interested by publicly meeting. Even if behind close doors they still flip each other off, if it were my business I would be trying to keep my name out there. They just seem to be waiting for the other side to back down.

IDEA! - Now would be the time for a Trump, Branson, Cuban, McMahon type guy to start a small league with all the proposed NHL rule changes(ie. different lines, larger nets, smaller pads. Get enough players to skate up and I think it could work cause you aren't trying to make it edgier than the actual game(XFL/NFL) you are just trying something different. Its not gimmicky either like starting a basketball league with x-tra point zones worth 5-10 points and such, so traditionalists could be intersted? Heck if you got some more ideas post them up here. I'm sure Mike has some contacts higher up...
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