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Default Re: Xbox or PS2

I have both. I used to be all about PS2, but then I got an XBox for like $125 with a game and a 10% discount. I still like PS2 a little better, but I also like the fact that I can have essentially any game I want. Another reason I am liking both is this case in point... I went to the store looking at games, and I was wanting Fight Night Round 3. I looked at the PS2 games, and no Fight Night...but low in behold there were 3 copies of it left on Xbox. I will do the same for 360 and PS3, I will have both.

As far as graphics, and things of that nature...I really have no preference. There are both great, and beat the hell out of having an Atari 2600, Nintento, and regular Sega.
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