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Default When/If You Played A Sport Did You Cheat To Win?

With all this Barry Bonds information out pointing the finger at him for doing something illegal, I got to thinking "Why?" Why would a player do what he did knowing it was illegal?

What is wrong with American society if we can not just win because we are the best? Seemingly, unless a player cheats he is not giving it his all. I do not understand this type of concept, why doesn't a player get "his high" by breaking records and putting up stats by just playing fairly?

Did anyone of you ever have to break the rules to win a championship when you played sports throughout your life? Was that type of behavior even accepted?

Also isn't barry Bonds/Pete Rose getting in the HOF a wash? Should it be? Is wrong .......just wrong .....and you accept the punishment which could be not getting into the HOF?

Dang I am getting old!:)
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