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Default Re: Emmitt Smith's 2010 NFL Mock Draft

Denver Broncos: Coke McElroy, QB, Oklahoma State
Coke McElroy name after Pepsi Coke. Kyle Horton also name after a movie called Horton Hear Somebody, but he is not very good quarterback. He throw like a girl - and girl throw very bad! Coke McElroy also have weak arm, but he at least throw like a teenage girl. Kyle Horton throw like a girl who have not hit puberty yet.

I have two pair of joke for this pick. Very interestin' joke! One: What do you call a Coke McElroy who start to lose weight and go on a diet? Diet... uhh... Diet Coke McElroy. Number two: What do you call Eric Berry who have a straw? Eric Raspberry. Wait, I mean Eric Strawberry. Eric Strawberry and Diet Coke McElroy.

Miami Dolphins: Jean Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB, South Florida
I normally do not like putting defensive player in my mark draft. As my friend Michael Irving always say, "Defense do not wins championships. Point wins championships."

But Bill Parcell have different view from you, I and other guy. Parcell, nickname the Big Fish, really like taking linebackers in the first round of mark drafts. He love taking linebackers. In fact, you can say that he love it so much that he want to have sexual relation with taking linebackers in the first round.

Jean Pierre-Paul have French decent. Some may seem this as a problem because French people have never heard of football before. In their country they only play the game where you kick the checker ball on grass. Jean Pierre-Paul will quickly realize that football require much more than kicking checker balls! Football require much more stratagems that it will debacle his brains and his minds.

San Francisco 49ers: Selfish Crappers, OT, West Virginia Tech
Selfish Crappers is a very interestin' prospect. He so interestin', I wonder why his parents would name his first name after a guy who only want thing for himselves, and I wonder why his parents would name his last name after the brown thing that come from the behind. I do not understand the logicals about this one.

The 94ers need a guy who can block good. I never even heard of Selfish Crappers today, and when I ask Mel Kipers about it, he laugh at me. So maybe Selfish Crappers is real or maybe he make belief. If he make belief, maybe the 94ers can try to belief that he have good blocking skill.

Seattle Seahawks: None
I do not believe what going on here! The Seahawk have been cheatin' all this time right before our very very nose. How no one seened or realize this before really astonish me.

Scroll up on this Web line page li-bit. Look at the No. 6 draft picks. Do that seemed familiar to you? If you do not understand the word comin' out of my mouths, the Seahawk have two pick in the first round! That is illegal!

You simply cannot have two draft pick in the first round of the mark draft. It is impossibles. Seattle stoled the pick from someone and they has to give it back immediately. I call Roger Goldman about this, and he hunged up the phone on me! How ilresponsible that the commissioner of the national conference of football do not even understand how much Seattle have cheated in the mark draft!

New York Giants: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson
Wowed, I do not know what I doned, but suddenly the name of C.J. Spiller have become blue. I mention Jesus before. He obviously had something to do with these!

The Giant usually have good pick in the mark draft. I have been a keened observation in the recent time, and I have been very impressed by Jerry Reese, who name after the Reese Peanut Butter Cups cookie.

Jerry Reese strike while the iron have not coldness! J.C. Spiller have three good trait about him: He have will in his run power, he have courage when he have a football in his hand, and he have very speed and electrocution. If you have runner who have good electrocution, he have a chance to give you sparks to win a Super Bowl game! And that my friend, is what the wise man call "play on word."

Tennessee Titans: Person Harvey, WR, Florida
I find it real strangefulness that Person Harvey, the good wide receiver from my alma matter, do not found on anyone draft prospect ranking. I check every Web line site and I cannot find his name in one single space. Everybody who make a mark draft obviously do not have intelligent!

It is very, very interestin' to me that Person Harvey name is name after a person. Perhaps this is the reason he is being ignorant by everybody who call themself draft expert.
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