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Default Re: Emmitt Smith's 2010 NFL Mock Draft

San Francisco 49ers: Noned
We have a trader in our mitts. Somebody very cunning steal everybody draft pick and give it to every team from the NFC West Conference. How do nobody not notice these? First the Seattle Seahawk, not the San Francisco 94ers. This guy who steal the pick obviously think he is like Robin Hood - a guy from the past who got 25 weeks or years in jail because he stoled from the poor and gaved to the rich.

Some say Robin Hood very honorable man. I do not belief this. Every team deserve to has a pick in the mark draft. The 94ers already had their chance to take player. Now let somebody else have a chance to take player. Roger Goldman obviously doing a very, very poor job as a commissioner in the National Football Conference of Footballs. Maybe he is the trader who have the mitts!

Pittsburgh Steelers: Sam Bradley, QB, Oklahoma State
There have been big news in the state of Pittsburgh recently. A women went to the police and accuse Ben Roethlisberger of sexual insult. Now, I have never been accuse of being or having sexual insultment in my lives, but I can only imagine what the Big Ben is going through right now. This is the second time he have been accuse of sexual insultment, and as the old sayin' go, "One is an accident, two is a bigger accident, three even bigger accident, four the accident so big you do not have any idea how big the accident have become!"

If Big Ben have another sexual insultment on top of these two, there is a chance he will go to jail for a very, very long time. In our society, the rule go, "Three strikes and you have or has a strike out." Big Ben one strike remove from havin' a striked out, which is not positive thinging! The Steelers need to draft a quarterback just in case Big Ben go to jail where he will be sexual insultmented from the behind.

Atlanta Falcons: Jared Best, RB, California
Every year I complain about these, and every year it fall on dead ears. The first round of the doggone mark draft very long! And I say this with an explanation point!

It is taking me week to complete this mark draft. If I had the final said, I would make every round in the draft process only 10 pick, maybe 12 or 13 pick at mostly. This plan would cut down the long time the draft take. It always take hours to have a completion. With this plan, it will take hours but less hours than the amount of hours it took before.

Oh, I almost forget about Atlanta pick. Every team need four good runnin' back to compete for the Super Bowl game. Atlanta have Michael Turner, Jerious Norway and the other fellow who step up big last month. Jared Best, who name after the adverb "best" that mean "best," would be the fourth pick Atlanta need to make it to the Super Bowl games.

Houston Texans: Maurkice Pounds, C, Florida
Maurkice Pounds is one of the three twin who play for Florida. He have a twin brother name Maurkice. Both are very good inside offensive lineman who have a great chance to be great players in the conference.

The Houston Texas need an upgrade at the center position. I look on the depth chart and the current guy who play center name is Chris Myers. If that name do not ring the bells for you, Chris Myers have another job - he report on the sideline for FOX. I do not have a problem with a guy carryin' two employments, but Chris Myers very old in the mouth and have love handhelds on the side of his body. Plus, he ruin Ivan Johnson's wedding proposal that one time on television. Anybody who ruin a wedding proposal give me a bad taste of the tongue, and is a bad guy in my notebook!

Cincinnati Bengals: Emmitt Smith IV the Fourth, RB, Florida
For the first time in a couple of decade, the Bengals have become an all-around good football club for the first time their career. Cedric Bender do a great job of running with will, power and strong. Power and strong mean the same thing but have different letter. My English teacher in first grade teached me that these word are called homophobe.

But Cedric Bender cannot carry the load on his owns. This is why it is time to place my son Emmitt Smith IV the Fourth in my mark draft. In inplore the Buccaneers and Chargers to take my son last couple of years, but they do not listen! Maybe the Bengal will listen! My son probably seven or nine year old by now, so he have a lot of youthfulness in his leg. He can be a good runnin' back in the conference for 15 maybe even 25 years!

New England Patriots: Mario Hard Ice Tea, RB, Tennessee
Mari Hard Ice Tea is one of my sleeper pick for the 2010 mark draft. A sleeper pick is define by two thing: a guy who go in the late round but become good, or a guy who sleep too much that he get cut by the folk who draft him.

Mario Hard Ice Tea run real smooth like the soft drink his parents name him after. I do not find these a coincidence. Sometime, the name you have been gavened really affect your lifestyle. Mario Hard Ice Tea run smooth. Someone like Max Anger from Seattle very angry. And Matt Cassel, quarterback from Kansas, live in a castle I suspect.

Green Bay Packers: Joe McCluster, RB, USC
As the old folk across the Texas line say, the man who catch the early bird also eat the worm. Joe McCluster currently projected by many people to go in the third rounds. But the Packers can jump ahead of everybody and draft Joe McCluster right away. He have very good quick, and can score touchdown from anywhere on the field - even the sideline!

The Packers general management, Ted Thomas, like to take the best player on his chalkboard and he want to fill a need too as well. Takin' Joe McCluster like killin' two stone with one bird. He is the best player on the chalkboard and he can run a mockus against the other defenses in the NFC North Conference.

Philadelphia Eagles: Dexter McKnight, RB, Ole Miss
All throughout the draft process, every analysis on TV say, "Dexter McKnight sock have soared." This really amaze me. I thought I knew a lot about the mark draft, but this prove me wrong. I never even know sock was so important in the draft.

Dexter McKnight obviously know how to get a real good sock because his sock have soar so high! I feel sorry for the guy who do not like to wear sock, but only wear no sock and flip flop with bare foots.

Baltimore Ravens: Mary Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech
When I first seened Mary Thomas on the prospect list, I assume he was a girl because his name was Mary. But load and behole, Mary Thomas is indeed a male man.

I will admit that I do not has all the knowledge about mark draft. Sometime, I need help. I look on Mel Kipers's's and Todd Malone mark draft, and they both have... or... uhh... has Mary Thomas as the draft pick to the Baltimore Eagles. I watch Mary Thomas a couple of time, and it occur to me that he do not possess the knowledge to run route, and he drop the ball one two three many time.

Mary Thomas do not seemed like the kind of guy Ozzie Newson like to draft in the mark draft, but Mel Kipers and Todd Malone know much more about the mark draft than I do, or does.
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