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Default Re: Kirwan's final 3 round mock draft

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
He was always a top 20 pick UNTIL he broke his foot, then he dropped down as low as 3-4 rounds. Now, if he worked out yesterday and looked okay, maybe he will be back in the 1st round, but, regardless, he hasn't visited so I'm thinking the Steelers have little to no interest in him.

MOST importantly, I just don't see them taking a WR with #1 again, and certainly not on a guy who doesn't run crisp routes and may have trouble separating at the next level.

Oh I absolutely agree with you there. I mean losing Holmes production, and how he removed alot of defensive pressure that Hines saw, and maybe even Wallace saw. But we did get El, and he did get 50 catches last year for well over 500 Yds, and he is a good slot WR, if Wallace goes to the outside. However since I still feel Sweed is a lost cause. I do think that a lower selection of a WR who has a good work ethic, and has shown great route running abilities and good hands would be a good selection.

That;s why, even though he to has not visited the Steelers is why I might like to see a Jordan Shipley drafted by us in round 4 if he falls that far. Or maybe someone else. But 1st round WR...No. I'm right there with you.
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