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Default Re: Kirwan's final 3 round mock draft

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Interesting...we are now a stupid franchise, and Kirwan mock has more merit than the Steelers FO simply because......he's Kirwan?

oh, i forgot... you're back. well let me once again emphasize that reading is fundamental and comprehension is key.

familial relations to arians, and believing that the front office is always perfect, and would never lie, skirt the truth, or lead followers astray, doesnt mean they are impervious to making a mistake when it comes to the draft.

as official guru, i know you have special insider connections and insight to the front office (other than the constant wild speculation and flinging poo at the wall), but i can count on 1 hand the good decisions the steelers have made in trying to acquire WR's since hines ward.

randel el- 2nd
trying to get houshmandzadeh
mike wallace- 3rd

ike taylor is the only CB to work out in that same span.

i am well on record why we DONT need to spend a 1st on a wr (or even a 2nd).

with that being said, kirwan still has a fundamental understanding of football and war rooms that is light years ahead of what you have displayed.

him predicting they will draft a WR still carries a million times more weight than you saying they absolutely will not.

atleast we can agree it is unlikely to happen ( i contend its not out of the question and the possiblility cant be dismissed) and would be the stupid thing to do.

hence.... stupid is as stupid does. (giving arians and ben yet another weapon is being an enabler and boarderline gump in the wrong way.)
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