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Default Re: Kirwan's final 3 round mock draft

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
your hatred for any kirwan mock aside, i wish i was as confident.

stupid is as stupid does.

they gave in to bens pandering for big targets after letting plexico walk- moved up to draft holmes, spent a 3rd on spaeth, and a second on sweed. (thats about 5 throw away picks right there, unless sweed pans out).

then they gave in to arians bitching about the use of a true fullback, (gave him about 5 posers who could try to pretend to be one), and watched as we handed over our smashmouth identity to a kid who cant even keep his dick in his pants if he walked into chuck-e-cheese.

nothing at this point suprises me.

the smartest thing we done in the past 3 years was get rid of the internet porn pusher we called an offensive lineman, and dumped the multi-million $$$ contracts of over the hill linemen such as simmons and smith.

franchising starks twice wasnt too brilliant either.

all things considered, everything points to us drafting a wr. might as well take dez bryant and all of his character concerns.
good point, they have made a lot of dumb moves recently. By the way you forgot to mention the steelers continuing to keep arians
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