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Default Re: The Patriots Offense

Im not going to stoop to your petty level, since you obviously have no clue how forums are run. Ive been moderating forums for a long time now, and I know Im not perfect and I dont profess to be so, nobody is. But WTF is the point of griping about where a thread is?? I mean really, its not like the Blast furnace is a punishment for a forum, or its something bad. Take a chill dude. The BF is just a different place to discuss topics that get alittle more heated..and you seem to have heat follow you because of the things you say on a Steelers forum, its only natural to move it in here. If you read my posts, I didnt say you did anything wrong nor did anybody else. Before any real trash talking gets out in the forums, its better to have it here, so you can trash talk freely! Sheesh !!!

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