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Default Re: Owners agree on CBA !! Labor peace restored !!

Based on what I have read on, the increased cap space and prorating of bonuses over 5 years under the new CBA is regarded as allowing teams like the Colts and Seahawks to bring back at least some of their big name FAs. However, I believe those teams, among others, have a different strategy than the Steelers do when it comes to retaining FAs.

IMO part of what may be going on is that "the Steelers Way" involves negotiating with starters prior to the last year of their contract and, if the player does not settle up with the Steelers, that player is gone. It forces the player and his agent to resolve negotiations while allowing the Steelers to plan longer term for anticipated departures. If someone can name a major player whom the Steelers have signed when they were eligible for FA I would appreciate hearing it.

Because I do not see that strategy ending, I see the increased cap space going to bring back non-starters like Haynes, second line players like Kimo, and (hopefully) future starters such as Keisel, although I bet Cleveland will overpay for Keisel.

ARE is gone and Hope is convinced someone will pay far more than the Steelers for his services. I will be very surprised if either one stays. ARE can be replaced but losing Hope creates a major hole in the D.
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