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Default Re: Owners agree on CBA !! Labor peace restored !!

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43

They won because of smart money decisions, smart management of players and a great coaching staff.

Eitherway, I like the cap.
to illustrate this point further i got these figures from the reiss pieces patriots blog. i believe it is a list of the highest cap numbers from the team:

The team?s top salary cap figures are quarterback Tom Brady ($14.4 million), McGinest ($8.3 million), Richard Seymour ($7.4 million), Rosevelt Colvin ($5.7 million), Matt Light ($5.3 million), Corey Dillon ($4.3 million), Jarvis Green ($3.6 million), Mike Vrabel ($3.5 million), Rodney Harrison ($2.8 million), Tedy Bruschi ($2.7 million), Tyrone Poole ($2.5 million), Kevin Faulk ($2.5 million) and Ty Warren ($2.2 million).

the patriots were 4 mil under the $94.5 mil cap that was bumped up to $102 mil. plus they cut w. mcginest. this puts them right about $20 million under next years cap. re signing vinatieri will be no problem and they could even cut dillon and go out and get e james or j. lewis, and add t.o. to the mix and still have $$$ left over to sign some of their free agents on the cheap. if you look at the above figures there are alot of players that would be making more money if they were elsewhere (vrabel, bruschi, harrison- prime example and key building blocks)
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