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Default Re: Kirwan's final 3 round mock draft

awwww... how cute. homo smack!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
And I'll have the added bonus of not having to clean his spackling off my upper lip from slurping at his nutsack...
not much concern there, with "future HOF" ted ginn and top 20 draftpick "lil' animal" already clogging those pipes.

i would say theres about a 3% chance the steelers actually go with a wr as kirwan suggests, and for your sake, i hope he is wrong so that you have some sort of phyrric victory to feel good about.

since everyone knows ben and arians are both on their final strike and hanging by a thin thread, i dont think upper management is looking to do them any added favors like pandering to their draft wishes.

plus they still have that d. dixon at wr experiment to implement.
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