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Default Re: LLT's Mock Draft and Prospect Breakdown

Final 1st Round Draft and Final Projected Steelers Picks.

1 St. Louis Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma

Value…Need…Availability all come together perfectly. Bradford is this years Stafford. There will be a few smoke screens thrown around, but when it all clears the Oklahoma QB will be the overall #1 pick. There is an outside chance that a team like Cleveland will mortgage the farm to move up to #1, but with so many needs themselves its unlikely.

2 Detroit Ndamukong Suh DT, Nebraska

The Detroit fan base is screaming for Suh…and the Lions front office has promised them that they will “not be disappointed”. With FA pickups and the drafting of the ultra-talented Nebraska prospect, the Lions will field a formidable defensive line. Detroit may also be interested in either DT Gerald McCoy or OT Russell Okung.

3 Tampa Bay Gerald McCoy DT, Oklahoma

You know it’s a great draft when a player like Gerald McCoy is the consolation prize for not getting Ndamukong Suh . McCoy fits the Bucs scheme perfectly and is a high character on-field vocal leader. The Bucs will have no problem grabbing Suh if the Lions go with an OT.

4 Washington Russell Okung OT, Oklahoma St

The Redskins will either trade out of the #4 slot or they will grab a premier OT to protect newly acquired QB Donovan McNabb. At #4 they will most likely have their choice of tackles from this draft and I still think that Okung is the best the group. If they trade town I think they will still only drop far enough to acquire a few picks and still be in position to draft an immediate starter at offensive tackle. In my mock draft scenario, I don’t think they will drop further than #13.

5 Kansas City Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa

This is one of the harder picks in this draft. I think that the Chiefs will draft either Bulaga or Williams at OT and move Brandon Albert to the inside. That being said there is a chance that they may decide to go with safety Eric Berry

6 Seattle C.J. Spiller RB, Clemson

I have not had Spiller this high before but with rumor coming out of Cleveland that they are interested in drafting Spiller at #7, I think the Seahawks take the Clemson RB here to upgrade a running game that ranked in the cellar of the NFL. Seattle may also be interested in an one of the premier OT’s or even Dez Bryant.

7 Cleveland Eric Berry Safety, Tennessee

Cleveland needs help at a lot of positions. I think that they will take safety Eric Berry here if Spiller is off the board. Berry will bring some excitement to the Cleveland faithful as the best player at his position. The Browns may go with Clausen here but I think that they will wait until round two and enter the Colt McCoy sweepstakes.

8 Oakland Trent Williams OT, Oklahoma

I hate trying to get into Al Davis’s head. Its cold…dark…and smells like Metamucil. Davis has a history of drafting combine warriors so there is a chance that he will overdraft OT Bruce Campbell. Trent Williams is a better value here and also put up significant combine numbers.

9 Buffalo Jimmy Clausen QB, Notre Dame

Buffalo needs a Tackle…a Wide receiver and a QB. They are lucky that Clausen falls to them. I think that he will thrive with the bills if they can get some young talent around talent surrounding him. If Clausen is gone, look for the Bills to fortify their O-line with the first pick.

10 Jacksonville Joe Haden CB, Florida

Jacksonville had an abysmal pass rush this past year, but rectified some of that problem in free agency. I look for the Jags to grab blue chip cornerback Joe Haden with their first round pick. They still might want to add a DE at some point so there is a chance that Derrick Morgan might be on their radar.

11 Denver Rolando McLain ILB, Alabama

I want to put Dez Bryant here very badly, but I think that the Broncos dropped one WR with character issued and might be uneasy about picking up another with baggage. Besides, the WR position is deeper this year than the ILB position, therefore I think the Broncos will take inside thumper Rolando McClain and wait until the later rounds for a WR.

12 Miami Sergio Kindle DE, Texas

Miami lost Joey Porter and have been indifferent towards Jason Taylor. Sergio Kindle is a Beast at OLB and Parcells loves him some 1st round linebackers. Miami will also take a long look at both safety Earl Thomas and at NT Dan Williams.

13 San Francisco Anthony Davis OT, Rutgers

San Fran needs some help on the O-line, in their defensive secondary and at OLB. With most of the premier tackles gone, the 49ers will grab Anthony Davis at #13, and wait until #17 to fill one of the other positions of need.

14 Seattle Dez Bryant WR, Oklahoma State

I don’t believe for a second that the Seahawks recent signings are the answer to their needs at WR. Seattle was trying desperately to get Brandon Marshall and in failing to do that, they will take Dez Bryant to be their #1 WR and move Houshmandzadeh to the #2 WR slot. If an attractive OT option is still available the ‘hawks may go in that direction.

15 New York Giants Dan Williams DT, Tennessee

Williams is one of those players who might go as high as #12 or as low as #30. I think the Giants need a player with Dan Williams skill set and grab him early.

16 Tennessee Jason Pierre-Paul DE, South Florida

Tennessee is looking for a DE and may take a gamble on the freakishly athletic DE out of South Florida. Pierre-Paul is my pick for 1st round bust, but there are quite a few teams that have him high on their boards. I think the Titans may take a look at Derrick Morgan here or at drafting a WR .

17 San Francisco Brandon Graham DE, Michigan

Graham is one of my favorite players in this draft. I think he is the perfect fit for Coach Singletary’s 3-4 defense and has a good chance to be the rookie defensive player of the year. The 49ers will also look at a CB/RS and a safety at this spot.

18 Pittsburgh Earl Thomas SS, Texas

This pick just makes too much sense to me. I think that Earl Thomas will still be on the board at #18 and I think that he helps Pittsburgh at safety depth this year and as a pro-bowl starter in the near future. Also take into consideration that with the Steelers struggles at CB it’s possible that Thomas may be utilized as a corner early on.

19 Atlanta Derrick Morgan DE, Georgia Tech

Word is out that most 3-4 teams have taken Morgan off their boards with the realization that his talent fits the 4-3 defense much better. This has to be great news for Atlanta who previously held no hope that Morgan would fall this far. The Falcons will also look at Linebacker Sean Weatherspoon.

20 Houston Ryan Matthews RB, Fresno St

Houston has made no secret that they want to upgrade their ground game. Matthews will be a nice addition to the Texans RB corps and should give the team an immediate boost. Houston may also be looking at a DT if Dan Williams slides or at OG Iupati to upgrade their line.

21 Cincinnati Taylor Mays FS, Southern Cal

Mays is the type of player that Cincy covets. Ultra-athletic and has great speed. Though his coverage deficiencies are well documented, if Mays lines up right he is a human missile. The Bengals may also be looking at TE and OG.

22 New England Jared Odrick DE, Penn St

I think the Pats would love for Sergio Kindle or Brandon Graham to fall to them, but Odrick also meets a need by filling a hole at DE that the Pats haven’t filled since they lost Seymour. Odrick projects as a 3-4 DE for New England who might reach for OLB like Jerry Hughes.

23 Green Bay Kyle Wilson CB, Boise St

Kyle Wilson has gone from a “who’s that” to a “who’s who” in a very short time. Wilson has a chance to go earlier to a team like the Steelers but if he his still undrafted I thionk that the packers will take him. Green Bay may also be looking at an OT.

24 Philadelphia Mike Iupati OG, Idaho

Iupati is by far the best of a very weak OG class. He is a road grader that may start on day one for the Eagles. If Philly goes a different route I think it might be one position over and they would look at OC Pouncey .

25 Baltimore Jermaine Gresham TE, Oklahoma

Most boards have the Ravens going with a CB here, and I admit that it’s a very good possibility. I am gambling that that Baltimore is going to complete this years overall of the receiving corps by drafting a pass catching TE who can also block. Gresham is the faltering Todd Heaps future replacement. If they go with a CB, they may draft Devin McCourty.

26 Arizona Sean Weatherspoon LB, Missouri

With the lost of Dansby, the Cardinals would love to draft the brash outspoken Weatherspoon. I still have to wonder if there are enough words to go around if he and Joey Porter are on the same team. Arizona is said to also be interested in picking up an O-lineman and a young WR.

27 Dallas Bruce Campbell OT, Maryland

Dallas has a young OLT on their team but the lost of Flozell Adams leaves little behind him if he struggles. This would be a good situation for Bruce Campbell who may need a year to meet his full potential. Dallas also needs a FS and would take Taylor Mays if he is still available.

28 San Diego Charles Brown OT, Southern Cal

San Diego needs a NT and a RB but any left on the draft boards would be first round reaches. OT Charles Brown also would fill a need on the Chargers draft list and is a projected first rounder by quite a few teams. If NT Dan Williams or RB Ryan Matthews are available, the Chargers will probably take them over an OT. As a stretch, they may take NT Terrence Cody here.

29 New York Jets Devin McCourty CB, Rutgers

The Jets covet DE Jerad Odrick now that they have a WR threat in Santonio Holmes, I think Odrick will be long gone and the jets will take a CB to eventually line up on the other side of Revis. If that happends and if they take Devin McCourty…the Jets will have one of the most formidable CB tandems that I can recall.

30 Minnesota Brian Price DT, UCLA

Brian price will be the youth behind the Minnesota’s aging DT’s. He is extremely strong and could probably play NT even though he is “only” 300 lbs. If the right CB falls they might decide to go that route…and I still believe there is a chance that they reach and take Colt McCoy at the end of the 1st.

31 Indianapolis Maurkice Pouncey C, Florida

Jeff Saturday is getting a little long in the tooth and to be truthful, the Colts don’t have a lot of holes to fill. There is an outside chance that they draft a offensive tackle like Charles Brown or a defensive tackle like Brian Price if possible.

32 New Orleans Everson Griffen DE, Southern Cal

Griffen could go earlier to a team like the Falcons, but if not I look for the Saints to either draft him or a linebacker like Sean Weatherspoon.

Round 1......Earl Thomas FS/CB, Texas
Round 2......Cam Thomas NT, North Carolina
Round 3......Jared Veldheer OT, Hillsdale (Trade 3rd and two 5ths to move up to this slot)
Round 4,.....Andre Roberts WR, Citadel
Round 5......(Trade pick)
Round 5......(Trade pick)
Round 5......Nate Byham TE, Pittsburgh (comp pick)
Round 5......Charles Scott RB, LSU (comp pick)
Round 6......Adrian Tracy OLB, William & Mary
Round 7......Micah Johnson ILB Kentucky (comp pick)
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