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Default Rant!

I have so many friends that are girls,and they keep on dating the *******s that date them.I wipe the tears,listen to them complain,and all that shit.You know what I get told every ****ing time?

"I wish I could just find a guy like you."

It's like "what the ****,are you ****ing retarded?"Don't go back to the *******.How about going on a ****ing date with,hmm,I dunno,****ING ME?

Instead I end up in relationships with stupid bitches.A few of em have gotten my ass kicked,by saying I beat them or I owe them money and shit.

Also,all my friends are with someone,so that leaves me with nobody to hang out with because I'd be the third wheel.It's not fun to be sitting there when the people you're hanging out with are all over each other basicly ****ing while your sitting there trying to watch tv or play video games.

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