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Default Re: Looking for good quality Swann jersey

Originally Posted by SteelerFanFromOregon View Post
The ever illusive search continues…(sigh)

I've looked for years and years. The best one I've found is tackle twill and accurate in all respects, but it's autographed which boosts the price to more than $300!

Where do I find one that looks like the real thing? It can even be screen printed but it has to have the authentic block numbers and accurate sleeves, etc. It would be so easy if Reebok would let me take a current replica Steelers jersey and just put some basic block letters (like the Colts have, etc) on a Steelers jersey but they won't do that. I asked.

I've heard Swann does not give permission to market his jersey, which, I'm sure, is why Reebok never made one like they did with Bradshaw, Lambert, Greenwood, Bleier, Stallworth, etc. (so close it's killing me!)

I don't want one that looks fake. I have a very good eye for fake.


HRDERBY all the way. Never seen anything close to these. $200 or less.

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