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Default Re: Happy Birthday xfl2001fan!

Thank you to all...wish I could say it was a happy one...but the tranny went out on my Cavalier (last month)...and the Shacklebolts busted on my van (causing the rear axle to roll back and pull my Drive shaft off of that tranny) I was stuck home with no transportation and a huge mess to clean. :P Was hoping for my taxes to come in before the van went out (started feeling funny on Friday...and I had to work the I just wanted to get through the weekend.)

That being said, on the 17th, took a PT test for the Army and nearly maxed 2 of 3 events (big guys don't run well) giving me the highest score (260 out of 300) I've had on a PT test in over 8 years. Hard to complain about that! :P

Originally Posted by SteelMember View Post
Happy birthday, bud.

I don't know. I just thought it was funny.

Considering I have 6 kids (and one on the way) this is (quite possibly) the most fitting post that's ever been attributed to me!
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