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there isnt no t.o. or chad johnson celebratory dances in the "friend zone" if you know what i mean. to avoid the friend zone (its too late with the relationships youve already established unless you both are ready to get really SERIOUS) you must act like the nonchalant *******s (in an im really cool, and can hook up with any girl i want way) these girls seem to be attracted to and THEN pour on the qualities that make these chicks wanna be your friends in the first place.

show physical interrest. say you like their hairstyle for the day. compliment something that may not be so obvious, then go along with your "cool" routine like you dont care if they appreciate your compliments or not, almost as if youre more interrested in another woman, but youre enough of a player to spread your mack around. subtle yet forthright. be yourself and dont put on an act. just have an aura about you. the only thing you got to lose is winding up in the friendzone which isnt all that bad. but if you know youre interrested its always better to wind up in the friendzone than to directly put yourself in the friendzone

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