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Even if someone fired his weapon when there was no need to it doesn't make it automatically criminal. These things happen. I've seen guys who have had to live with that, and your heart goes out to them. I must say, though, I do wonder why it was hidden initially? As I pointed out, these things can happen, so why hide it when it does? Especially at the officer level. These officers, at least some on them, must have been Rangers. As a leader of men in the 75th Rangers you have to show good judgement under pressure first and foremost. If something was hidden by an officer within the Rangers he has to either give a good accounting of his actions or be kicked out of the unit. The moral aspect of being honest doesn't necessarily come into play here. If there were legitimate reasons for hiding the facts that would be good enough. But, since most likely this wasn't a covert operation, I'm having trouble thinking up a good reason.
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